I have clogs...

As most of you know my Husband has been in Holland for the past two weeks (visiting family) and he arrived back last Saturday.  Unfortunately his luggage didn't arrive with him.  That is a whole other story...
but, while he was huffing and puffing (insert some very ugly words by him) and stromping around the house because his luggage hadn't arrived, I was just slightly relieved.

Why would I be relieved I hear you ask...

While he was away he told me that he bought me some clogs, yes original, true blue dutch clogs.  Now this may please some people, maybe even thrill them but my first reaction was "what am I going to do with clogs".  His reply "wear them".  That is such a male thing to say!

Yes, I can just see myself clomping around the house in clogs... NOT!

So when he said that his luggage got lost you can see why I was relieved.  And yes, I may have even said a little prayer to God that he might want to, lets say, make a suitcase disappear.  Clearly I need to practise my prayers a little more because to my Husbands delight the suitcase arrived today... with my clogs inside.

There is an upside to this story - maybe God was listening after all.  The clogs were too big, I mean way too big.  I'm not sure how big my husband thinks my feet are but lets just say that there was room in each clog for about three feet.  So, sadly I couldn't wear them (insert very happy face).  My son however has the perfect size feet for them.  My son got the Clogs and I got my son's clog slippers.

Oh Yeah!!

Love from me, the very happy no clog owner

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  1. Glad to know there was a silver lining for you to his cloud :).


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