Minimize your wardrobe - part one...

I have been following along with a little project called #myselfiescrapbook and one of the main contributors to this project is Julie from How I Sustain. While reading her blog I came across some posts she did about Minimizing your Wardrobe, you can find the first post here.  This really got me thinking and inspired.  I had wanted to get my wardrobe into some kind of order for ages but it always seems like such a huge job and so I put it off.
Julie broke it down into several weeks and each week had a different task to accomplish.  I continued reading and the more I read the more I wanted to give this a try.
When I was reading the first challenge which you can find here, she mentioned that her body had changed over the years and not because of anything bad, just because things had happen like having a baby etc.  This really hit a cord with me.  I have had four different jobs in the last two years (I was actually doing three at once for approx 12 months but that's a whole other story) and I had different clothes for each one. But now I am doing one job so all the clothes I had for the other jobs I really didn't need any more.  My problem usually is that because they were too good to throw away or, the big one, I will fit into them again soon, you know, the minute this diet thing kicks in, so I was always reluctant to throw them out.  Julie's post made me see things very differently.

My OLW for 2015 is FREE.  One of the things I wrote down at the beginning of the year was that "I want to be free of clutter so that I have space to move and breathe".  This challenge fitted perfectly with my word and was just another reason why I had to give this challenge a go.

This is what my wardrobe looked like before I started.  It doesn't look that bad but I have to push with all my might to move the hangers so I can put things away.  But as Julie said in her post, I have so many clothes but I never seem to have anything to wear.

So today was the day I chose to tackle Challenge #1 If it doesn't fit, get rid of it.

I dived in.  Okay, to be completely honest it took a while because I was struggling with the whole "if it doesn't fit" thing.  But the reality was they didn't fit and even though I liked them, they just didn't fit.  Right now I am just going to tackle my wardrobe, as in hanging space.  My drawers etc will wait because I don't think I can handle to much of "this doesn't fit" thing.  Mind you it made me stick to my healthy eating plan today LOL!

This is my first pile of clothes to go.  When I stood back and looked at this pile I noticed a pink shirt.  It made me laugh because I don't really wear pink so what was I thinking when I bought it.

Although this photo doesn't really look much different to the first, just getting rid of those first few things has made so much space in my wardrobe.  I left the empty hangers as a reminder of all space I have created already.

On reflection
What seemed hard at first got easier as I went along.
I was able to see that even though I liked them, they didn't fit so I wasn't wearing them anyway.
Some of the things I took out (like the pink shirt) wasn't my normal style of clothing, which made me realise that I should stick to my style.
I know it sounds a bit silly, but I felt lighter straight away.
There are probably a few more things that could go under this category and that's ok - little by little, as the week goes on I can just pull things out as I find them.

Off now to count my calories for the day!
love me :-)


  1. Uh this is something I have a love hate relationship with! But something once again I have to do, in fact I have to do it for my girls too. I was told, if you look at something and ask yourself, would I buy this today? If your answer is no, then donate it. Good luck x

  2. I will be going to check out your links as soon as possible! Your post drew me straight in - I love anything with 'simple/minimise/minimalist' and variations thereof in the title. Looking forward to part two!


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